Dating a work aholic

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When he takes on a project, task, or job, he gives it nothing less than 110% for 110% of the time. All of this is well and good in an employee or team member. Because when Chris goes above and beyond at work, his home life sometimes pays the price.

The problem with being married to someone who is so committed to their work is that you sound like a real brat when you complain about it. And sometimes I text them to my friend Sarah with really mad emoticon figures doing inappropriate gestures.

Not quite to pro wrestling levels but probably a bit higher than you'd see in real life.

But as right or wrong as it is to feel like I do, it’s how things are. The weird thing is that I’m not blaming Chris for this.

I’m not picking fights or pointing fingers or placing blame. In fact, I tell him how proud I am of how hard he is working, and I listen and talk to him about all his problems and situations at work every night when he gets home.

But at some point, I just want to scream at SOMEONE, “Hey! ” I planned a little weekend getaway for our family for this coming weekend. ” like I want to, I just say, “I know,” and then move on to talk about something else.

I thought it would be nice time for us all to get away – no phones, no i Pads, no emails. I think the most frustrating part of this whole thing is that Chris does just enough to get by at home without me being able to point to something and say, “See?

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