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Consider these questions: A lot of people can relate to these feelings.

Their relationships leave them lacking in some way, leaving them to wonder why they end up in the situations they do.

Recently, I was beginning a coaching program with a very curious and eager male client.

He explained that he wanted to learn more about the following questions to be more adept in dating and romance. What I do have are some questions that can help guide you to that special person.

In working with many people over the years, I find that relational problems occur when one or both of the participants are unable to meet the realistic demands of a relationship.

This is usually because they are emotionally undeveloped in certain areas.

Finding the person you choose to fall in love with, to give your heart to and to honor with the privilege of being your life-mate is not something to be taken lightly.

About the Author: Suzanne Muller-Heinz Suzanne Muller-Heinz is a global Dating & Love Life Coach with a special talent for helping smart singles figure out the formula to having a tender, thoughtful and healthy relationship.

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When I was single, I would jump at the chance to be in a relationship if someone liked me. So, see if your life is better with this new person is in it versus jumping at the chance to be in a relationship. Does this person enjoy going above and beyond to ensure I’m pleased and satisfied? He makes it like his job to ensure his wife is happier.

If the later, move on, and meet someone who you respect and appreciate.

Communication is a massive part of any relationship and something not to take lightly when entering into a relationship.

Your time is one of the most precious assets you have—don’t take it lightly. Some people have a good energy and you’re instantly drawn towards them; and other people have an energy that is negative.

Is this person someone you like spending time with? Are you pulled towards this person’s positive energy and zest for life, or are you trying to change someone?

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