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continue reading » She was born in Mumbai to an Indian father and Persian-Bahraini mother and studied at St.

When Shariff was in her second year of college, she began receiving modeling offers for brands such as Close-Up Toothpaste, Beetel Mobile phones, Emami Cosmetic Cream, Clearasil Skin Cream, Nescafe and many others.…

• Spinal Muscular Atrophy Sufferer Wants to End Treatment, But Some People Want to Prevent It; Kaepernick Anthem Protest Draws Support; Second Attempt at Jury Selection for Hot Car Dad.

Aired -8p ET • Man Who Fathered Child at 13 Years of Age Wants the Mother Locked Up; Alabama Mother Who Put Baby in Hot Oven Wants Early Release from Prison; Innocuous Cutaway of Bradley Cooper in DNC Stirs Controversy.

Aired 7-8p ET • Unarmed Black Man Shot by Police is Behavioral Therapist Attempting to Help a Patient; Revenge Plot Examined; More Details on Baton Rouge Shooter; Pregnant Orange County Woman Brutally Attacked in Her Own Home • The Mother Accused Of Using Facebook While Driving Seconds Before Crashing Her Car, Killing Her Daughter And Two Nieces, Found Not Guilty In Their Deaths; Police And Teenager Prostitute Reveals All About How She Brought Down An Entire Department In A Sex Scandal; Johnny Manziel Says He Is Going To Get Sober • Updates on Terror Attack at Istanbul`s Airport; Authorities Point Finger at ISIS; New Developments in Mother Who Killed Her Daughters; Man Who Donated Sperm for Free; 4-Month-Old Baby With Cocaine In Her System; A Television Personality And The Intern He Married Are Making News.

Fraser to its fulfillment but, brought about a very healthy atmosphere in the school.continue reading » So, sit back and enjoy the many views provided through the network of Oregon web cams that are available.You can also see a listing of all Oregon DOT web cams by clicking here.Aired 7-8p ET • An Alligator Lurking In Lagoon At The Disney Resort Snatched A 2- Year-Old Boy Playing Near The Water`s Edge; Orlando`s Nightclub Massacre, Could Have Been Prevented By The Killer`s Wife; More Outrage Directed At The Judge Who Sentence The Stanford Rapist To Only Six Months In Jail; Stanford Rapist Take Photos Of The Victim And Her Naked Breast And Then Shared Them On Social Media • Special Coverage: Terror In Orlando; A Major Development Today In The Killer`s Possible Motive; Some Say Responding Law Enforcement Are Heroes, But Some Say That The Three-Hour Delay May Have Cost Lives; Orlando Massacre Survivor`s Horrific Stories; Anderson Cooper Gave An Emotional Tribute To The Lives Lost; Touching Vigils From Around The Globe • Special Coverage: Terror In Orlando; the deadliest mass shooting in u.s.; The Making Of A Mass Murderer, Predominantly Male, Young, Disaffected.

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